Reebok Female flotter torn

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This is to apprised you that I purchased female glitter on 4 July, 2015 for Rs 1778.00.
1. It brooke off after 3 days.
2. On 14 July, 2015 I visited your Reebok stores at 2000hrs.
3. Your representative said on sale items there is no warranty.
4. Whereas in your bill it is mentioned that ” warranty against manufacturing defects for the products exists for only 3 months from the date of purchasing .
5. Now when I went to the stores and talk to the person first statement he said I have purchased in sale so no warranty exist.
6. I m sending you the pictures. And Bill in the attachment.
7. As a customer kindly don’t hang only sale sign in the stores do also hang that Don’t bring the article.
Shop address and phone no. Reebok, Indus Ventures, Shop No. 104, First floor saharaganj Lucknow Ph. No 0522-4021908,
Email I’d, tin number 09245500889.
Bill number-SC961
I hope you will try to resolve my issue

Neelima Gaur

Mob: +91-9305095989

Reebok Female flotter torn
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