Refund against non allotted flat

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I am one of resident of indore,mp, working with a private company, and taking care of my family.
I sincerely wish to state that i have booked a flat in sep 2010, in sneh residency, indore (akansha buildon pvt ltd),built by Mr Raj Kumar Lalwani but due to some technical problem in the property,loan application was kept on hold by the bank and some documents
were required by the builder, which he was unable to present. I had already paid him 3.5 lacs( rs 50000 cash,3lacs by cheque). Mr lalwani assured me verbally that he will return the amount very soon.Since, then, mr lalwani has been delaying the return of amount to me, i visited his office number of times,but he kept assuring me that amount is safe and will be returned.i have not received the money,inspite regular follow ups.
Its been 5 years,i havent received the money yet and i feel deeply stressed due to it,i feel afraid of meeting mr lalwani as he shouts at me whenever i visit his office now and asks me not to come if i want my money back
I sincerely request you to please intervene and help me. Rs 3.5lacs is a big amount for me and almost a saving of 5-6 years and i am already lagged behind by this amount,therefore i sincerely request you to please help me
Sincere request to you to help me out
Thanking you in anticipation

Rahul Nigam, Indore

Refund against non allotted flat
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