Refund Issue From Flipkart

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought asus zetfone4 in your site this month on 8 th may 2015 , What happend that mobile is having touch problem, quality is not good and battery is 1 hour coming , This and all problem. That’s y i took moto e mobile in your site. I called to flipkart customer cares they didn’t response properly , One customer care said to me we can do replacement to u same mobile like that told me, another custome care said to me we will send to u refund u r account like that told me, another customer care told tomorrow we will come and solve u r issues like that told me, Now 20 days completed now what i have do tell me.Please i don’t need that mobile please give to me another mobile or refund to me. Mobile rate is 5328 ruppees exctaly, who will take same rate that mobile tell me, I need u r help call me 8867993728.

Thanks and Regards

Refund Issue From Flipkart
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