refund not processed by Food panada

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Hi Team,
This is to share one of the worst experience that I had with Food Panda. On 3rd July 2015 i received a message from Food Panda regarding the APP300 Offer. So I immediately downloaded the app and placed an order for Rs 450 I used APP300 code and got a discount for Rs 300 and rest of the amount I paid using my Citi Bank Debit Card for Rs 150. Few minutes later i received a call from food panda that Vendor declined the Order so i asked for a refund and i was informed that it will be processed and i will receive it in 2 days. However it’s almost a week i did not hear anything from food panda and did not receive my money back.
It’s not just about Rs 150 it’s about the harassment. I contacted phone support 4 times and 3 times i was disconnected and 1 time after waiting for 20 mins i spoke to an executive and he promised me a refund and i wanted to speak to a manager but i was refused and my call was disconnected.
Please check and revert. ASAP.
Sachin Arora
Contact # 9999680015

refund not processed by Food panada
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