Refund of amount paid for 10 yrs Holiday Package and Club membership

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Hello Team,

I Mr. Mahendra Digambar Waghmare, has made payment of Rs. 105000/- to Country Club pune office (at Amonora Park Township) on 27.2.2016 4:00 pm for the Club Membership.

However country club executives has induced me to made such huge payment which i really cannot afford.

I have been provided with imprecise information at the time of Convincing to me for taking membership.

Also they have got the membership agreement signed by me so cunningly as they have not even given me proper time to read all terms and conditions. also swiped my credit card.

However As soon as i realized they have manipulated the things and took my signature and payment by finesse, I immediately urged them to stop the further process as i do not wish to go further. Its not more than 5 minutes i have started requesting to reverse my payment of Rs 1,05,000/- made by Credit card. But they denying the same.

I have contacted country club customer care team..on the following email address:

Central Customer Care –,

I am following up with them everyday since the day payment made to them but, I am not getting proper response or any status about my refund request.

They have also not been issued any membership to me till date.

I would like to request you to kindly help me to get refund for amount paid for country club membership as this is not proper way of marketing to sale their products.

Mahendra Waghmare
+91 7875293930

Refund of amount paid for 10 yrs Holiday Package and Club membership
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