Refund of cancelled ticket by GoIbibo

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Sir I regret to inform you that I have been trying your customer care since last 1&half month but all in vain…. It simply replies that u don’t have any upcoming booking with us….
It agonises me a lot….
Sir coming on to the point.. I had done a booking through Goibibo on a Spicejet flight. The details are as follows
Date of Departure – 10th April 2015
From Srinagar to Delhi.
Sir the flight was canceled by the airline and they have refunded full amount to you as I had done booking through you. Till date I have not got my amount refunded by Goibibo… We I contact customer care they simply reply there is not upcoming booking for you…. Plz refund my amount at the earliest…..

Refund of cancelled ticket by GoIbibo
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  1. ravinder

    I m cancelled my flight ticket but refund amt not received, I ctc helpline no 1& 1/2 week but not talking cce. Go air told CTC to goibibo,
    Pnr no- LIXAUS.
    6th may 2015
    Bom to lko


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