Refund Of Deposited Amount

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Dear Sir,
After your offfer given by Mr. Swaroop shah (Cell No. 9674079853) based at Hotel Simran, Raipur, I was convinced & I paid Rs. 5,000 as a token amount for 30 years holiday membership (6 nights, 7 days) of white season. The deal was closed in Rs. 1,55,000.
We had paid the amount with a condition that we want booking in Orange county, Coorg from 4th to 8th October 2014. Then Mr. Equbal (Cell NO. 8981002202) assured that you are going to give bookiing in the same place.
Next day, before full payment, we wanted in written confirmation, the bookinig in coorg resort, but Mr. Equbal refused to give booking in the same place in written.
We then spoke to AGM Mr. Jitesh Kumar Singh regarding the matter, but he also refused to fulfill our bookings in coorg.
Then finally, we asked Mr. Swaroop to refund our token amount worth Rs. 5000. but he is not respoding to our plea.
For such a reputed Co. it does look sophisticated that you are cheating us for just Rs. 5000. You are requested to please refund our token amount.
Details of the payment made by us is given below –
Name of your bank – Federal bank
adddress – federal, country club fitness, John hancock tower, kolkata
date of swipe from our credit card – 30-Aug-2014
time of swipe – 21:36
MID – 0000025611688D5
TTD – F1332049
Batch No. – 000013
Inv. Number – 000017
Bill No. – 1234
Transation Id – 109063536

Mansi Chhugani
Anil Chhugani
Cell No. 9425210104

Refund Of Deposited Amount
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