Refusal for copy of NCR 355/ 13.03.2015 at mahadevpura poplice post

Complaint Date:

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The Officer In-charge,
Karnataka Information Commission,
3rd Floor, 3rd Stage, Multistoried Building,
Dr. Ambedkar Road
Bangalore 560001
Sub:-Information under RTI act 2005.
We had requested on 21/05/2015 for a copy (well translated in English) of NCR: 355/2015 registered at Mahadevpura Post, B’lore on 13/03/2015 to The CPIO, Halsoor Police Station, Bangalore 560008,
We received letter dispatched on 06/06/2015 through which we came to know that our request dated 21/05/2015, was registered as L1/PS/RTI/41/2015 through SHO, Police Inspector, Halsoor Police Station, Bangalore City, under RTI act.
The letter was in KANADA language for which we were unable to read, it was therefore requested that the language of conversation must be either in English or Hindi languages, which we can understand and respond accordingly for future correspondences, this request was dispatched on 12/06/2015.
1. The case was registered in MAHADEVPURA Police Station vide no.NCR: 355/2015.on 13/03/2015.

2. We requested under RTI act 2005 for supply of documents (English translated version) concerned with this NCR 355/2015, registered on 13/03/2015, request dated 21/05/2015.
3. This request of ours was transferred to Mahadev pura police station on 12/06/2015, but strangely we are just awaiting the response from Mahadev pura P S office till date but we are being advised by The CPIO, Halsoor Police Station, Bangalore. 560008 to contact the Mahadevpura Police Station, That seems to be entirely UNJUSTIFIED, PER RULES (copy of letter attached) and that is why the requested documents under RTI act 2005 are NOT BEING dispatched per rules to us till date, in the language that we can understand.
Further we would like to bring the following submissions for your notice, as per the RTI ACT 2005.
i) PIO, on receipt of a request, shall as expeditiously as possible, and in any case within 30 days of the receipt of the request, either provide the information on payment of such fee as may be prescribed (that we had already paid) or reject the request for any of the reasons specified in S.8 or S.9.
ii) PIO shall provide information in the form in which it is sought unless it would disproportionately divert the resources of the Public Authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question.
iii) If the PIO fails to give decision on the request within the period specified, he shall be deemed to have refused the request.
iv) Where a request has been rejected, the PIO shall communicate to the requester –
(a) the reasons for such rejection,
(b) the period within which an appeal against such rejection may be preferred, and
c) the particulars of the Appellate Authority.

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Further we, the aged / sick citizens living in this city would like to add the followings also:-
As per the RTI rules :-
The PIO must provide the information within 30 days of receiving the RTI application. Not giving the information without reasonable cause attracts the penal provisions of the RTI Act. As per Section 20 (1),
Penalty shall be imposed at Rs. 250 per day of delay if there is no reasonable cause for delay.
Refusal to accept a RTI application also attracts the same penalty as per Sections 18 and 20. Section 20 (1) states unequivocally that ‘the burden of proving that he acted reasonably and diligently shall be on the Central Public Information Officer or the State Public Information Officer.
As per Section 3 of the RTI Act, ‘Subject to the provisions this (RTI) Act, all citizens shall have the Right to Information.’ Giving information is the rule and denial the exception. The PIO carries the responsibility of ensuring the implementation and success of the RTI regime and is also personally liable for any lapses.
A proper implementation of the RTI Act by PIOs will be a major contribution to taking India towards a true participatory democracy and the Swaraj we deserve and desire.
This clearly implies that everything in this case is not per rules, it is therefore requested to kindly take appropriate steps and get the procedures followed per rules and supply the details we have requested and action be taken per rules for harassing us ,Senior Citizens /sick patients.
Further we had to add that the case was closed, as per the words of police staff Mahadevpura, so all the documents related to this case may please be supplied in the language which we may be able to UNDERSTAND and respond to also accordingly.
Sir, I am of 65 yrs old, retired class-I gztd officer from centre govt, having two stents implanted to LAD (Lt. Coronary Artery), recently had stent in RCA in SAKRA Hospital, Bangalore. My wife is having arthritis B/L knees/HTN/Both of us are DIABETIC on medications can’t move to far away like Halsoor . My wife is 55 yrs having osteoarthritis B/L knee, HTN..
Please take appropriate action per RTI rules against the officer withholding the required information without any cause.
B.R Choudhary/ Rachna Choudhary,
#103 Vars Rose Mont, Green Domain,
Mahadevpura, Bangalore 540048.
Cc: – 1.The CPIO, Ulsoor Police Station, Bangalore. 560008.
2.Editor Rajsthan Patrika through
3.Editor Indian Express through mail ( Karnataka Issue)

Refusal for copy of NCR 355/ 13.03.2015 at mahadevpura poplice post
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