refusal to deliver product after taking the order at discounted price

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i ordered 3 “moto g turbo” mobile phones from my various amazon accounts as it was available at a discounted price of rs 4999. the amazon accepted the orders and confirmed them by sending me email. later they mailed me quoting that the order has been auto-cancelled giving reason that the product was mistakenly discounted due to a technical error from their side.It is a breach of contract. Moreover, it may be a voluntary attempt by amazon , just to generate public buzz regarding the “new launch of moto phones” on their website. the offers the present are fake and misleading.

As a consequence,i suffered a lot,due to this. The webpage was working very slow, probably due to high traffic, and i had to spend hours on placing these orders. There was my exam next day and i suffered in that.

As redressal,i want the same 3 phones to be delivered to me at the discounted price ( with all the terms and conditions i was confronted with during purchase applicable such as , freedom to return the product in the return period,etc) as early as possible along with compensation for any fall in market price of the phones during this period plus the damages due to disappointment, complaint work, etc.

refusal to deliver product after taking the order at discounted price
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