regarding apple i phone invoice

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I ordered an apple iphone 4s order number was (#11441398-22604737) firstly i am having problem with its backup and the charger provided is not working properly and i did not get the invoice so please can you tell me how can i get the invoice. And how can i overcome the backup and the problem of charger.

regarding apple i phone invoice
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  1. rajiv

    I m doing mail to you regarding i phone 4s .we are purchasing a iphone as a brand name and for good services. yesterday i was submit my iphone in ludiana(punjab) care center.and he check the phone and said me to repair the iphone. I want to change my cell phone as company rules .. so please change my phone that is place now in Ludhiana service center … 4 s bill name of akash and submitted from prabjot singh and i am waiting for your reply .. and if u not able to replace my phone than tell me clearly thanwe will see what we do further.. its request …..
    please call me as soon as possible its my 4th mail to you

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajiv jain


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