Regarding Disgusting service of Karbonn Mobile

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I purchased Karbonn mobile Model Titanium S99 model on 30 Jan 2015 and in April I recognize some spot in the screen.
So I submit my phone in Karbonn service center on 4 May-2015 ( Job Sheet No. – kjaspup360515k12718 ) with some other problems in it like :

1) Spot on the screen.
2) Charging problem ( as it last for only 1 hr )
3) Network problem ( it not receive any network in room )
4) Heating problem ( when surfing internet, battery heated)

Firstly they try to handover it back only repairing charging problem, but when I show them screen , they submit it again.
Then after more then 2 months i.e on 9 July-2015, they again try to handover phone . But this time they changed screen but with defective screen, as I caught same spot in screen but this time in other location.
So I submitted it again but this time they open new Job sheet (New Job Sheet No. – KJASPUP360715KR14518 ).

Again yesterday they try to handover phone, but when I checked phone surprisingly this time also screen is changed with defective screen as it also have same type of spot in different palce.
So I didn’t receive my pone and submit it back for repair.

From this damaged I got to understand that Karbonn making their phones with damaged parts and not interested in providing any service to customers.
As 2 times they try to handover phone after repairing it with defective parts.
As they are thinking if I am not able to see this spot on the screen they will close Job.

Kindly suggest me what can I do in this matter, as I know this time also my phone is not going to repair.

I am totally fedup with Karbonn phone and its services.

Regarding Disgusting service of Karbonn Mobile
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