Regarding holding back all our original documents and not taking an early decision about the bond enforcement

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Respected Narendra Modi sir,
I, Dr.Swathi Acharya MBBS just completed my post graduation course in the Vijayanagara institute of medical sciences(govt medical college) ,Karnataka in this May and got my results on June 15th . I had taken admission to the post graduation course in 2012 , when our batch had joined during admission we the students of govt colleges and the students who had taken government seat in private colleges had given the bond either we will serve government 3yrs after the completion of the course or if we fail we will pay penalty of Rs.5,00,000.
Now on May 29th 2015 since the president has signed for the “compulsory rural service act ” state government is in the process of bringing the rule into action according to which one year rural service is compulsory for all the doctors at each MBBS, post graduation and super specialty level without which no degree will be given or the registration will be done and this new rule is applicable to all the doctors who take education in Karnataka irrespective of the seat in govt college, private college or management or NRI quota.
Now the problem is that its almost month since I have finished my course, college authority not releasing documents(includes all marks card from SSLC,MBBS , MBBS Degree certificate,MBBS registration certificate) as I have given bond and the bond enforcement is still in confusion after almost a month of result declaration about which bond is going to be enforced to our batch. When the new rules are just under the process of formation how that can be enforced on a batch which has finished course two month back we dont understand (act says if any one has selected the seat or continuing with the course at the time of publication of the official gazette should do the compulsory one year service after the completion of the course but not the students who have finished course almost 2 months ago).
Just by delaying the decision about the bond enforcement and no proper instruction to the bond enforcement cell leading to confusion, the students of reputed government colleges of the state are made jobless for a month and the government want us to do compulsory rural service. In last one month we have approached all possible higher authorities of bond enforcement cell about this issue from principal secretary,DME ,commissioner to case worker each one keeps giving different answer by just putting it on the other and still we have not got any solution to our problems other than a month of mental torture sitting at home jobless. This problem is happening only to the students who have taken through seats in government colleges through Karnataka CET quota, where as the students who had taken seat in private colleges are being given the documents as soon as the exams are over inspite of being given the old bond and the All India quota candidates had no bond during admission so they have also been issued the documents. So only we government college KCET candidates are getting suffered as with no documents we are not eligible for any job in place. when already 75% students of our batch has already moved out just by holding documents of 25% students they want to implement the new rule which is being just drafted and still not gazetted.
We have been waiting since a month for them to take some decision or at least release our documents but nothing is happening ,if this is the status for us educated people , I really don’t know what is going to be status for illiterate person?
Hence I kindly request you to take an action which will be of great help for all our life and career because we are loosing our job opportunities too as students who have taken a subject in pre and paraclinical subjects have less job opportunities in the medical education field. Just by delaying the decision about the bond enforcement for months together suddenly a new bond cannot be enforced on batch which has finished the course.So Request you to take some action on this issue.
Thanking you,

Your’s Sincerely,
Dr.Swathi Acharya.

Regarding holding back all our original documents and not taking an early decision about the bond enforcement
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