Regarding incorrect late fee

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This is Abhishek Sinha and I had been using the HDFC Credit card for the last ~15 years. This is with reference to the discussion that we had regarding the incorrect outstanding amount that has been put on my HDFC credit card (vide subject reference).
Almost 2 years back, I got myself relocated from Bangalore to Gurgaon and at that point of time, I requested for a change in address while I was in Bangalore, so that I receive the bills in time. It was expected to be done in the next 2 weeks time, as promised by the HDFC Credit card customer service representative. Unfortunately, the system could not change the address in time and because of that I did not receive the bills in time for few consecutive months, while I was in Gurgaon.
With that, I again talked to the customer service from Gurgaon and finally got the address changed. Later, when I got the bill, it had few late charges because I could not make the payments on account of non-receipt of the bills. Subsequently, I made all the payments for the transactions that I had done and talked to the customer service representatives and respective managers to ensure that the late fees charges were waived off. As promised by the customer care representatives, all the late fees charges were waived off and finally I had to pay Rs 5612, which I paid in time (I am attaching the receipt for ready reference). One of the reference provided by the customer care representative for the waiver of the late fee was Ref No = 13262610311.
After I made all the outstanding payments, I did not receive any bills for 2-3 months, but unfortunately, I again started getting bills and calls for the outstanding payments after few months. This has been happening for the last 1.5 years and this has really failed me to use my credit card for almost 1.5 years.
I had been using the HDFC card for so long and had made transactions for even more than a lakh to 2 lakh per month many a times. But, this issue has disappointed me and I have now fed up with this regular calls and the late fee bills. I have stopped using the card now and it seems that they have blocked my card also.
I request you to kind look into this and close this for ever, as there is no delay in payments from my side. All the delays happened on account of non-receipt of the bills in time for 3-4 months in the year 2013.
Recently, I have been talking to one the Sr Manager from the HDFC Credit card (Mr Himanshu, mobile – 9312938440), but I am not finding him helping me.
My sincere request to please look into this on urgent basis and close the matter, so that I can start using it again.
Thanks and Regards,
Abhishek Sinha | Mobile +91 9717288557 |

Regarding incorrect late fee
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