Regarding Poor Customer Service by Idea Cellular

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I have been a customer with Idea Cellular since 2000 and with the same number 9848312300 and today I called to ask how to get information about incoming calls on my mobile number and another add on number 99124 12300.
The agent who answered my call said “Your question cannot be answered here as there is no one who can provide incoming call details to you”
Then I asked “Is there someone, like a supervisor, team leader or manager who can answer this question?
The answer was “There is NO ONE who can answer your question as there is no supervisor, team leader or manager on the floor right now and I will arrange for a call back (sic) tomorrow”
I said “Your call back option doesn’t work ever as I had experience before being a customer for 15 years + now” “And I want the call to be transferred to a Team leader or Manager right now”
The answer was “There is no one to take the call for you”
This lead to a series of profanity as I lost my temper and in turn the agent Sanjay happened to extend the same priority to me (calling me a Bastard as I called him) because I was using it first and kept on pissing me off to the maximum extent!
Here I want to tell you that I never intended or wanted to hold the customer service representative responsible for my query but he took it personally without understanding the question itself and arguing with me.
He managed to agitate me and build up my blood pressure and cause discomfort “FOR BEING A CUSTOMER WITH IDEA CELLULAR FOR 15 YEARS”!!!
I repeatedly asked him to disconnect if he was not able to answer my query and he kept on saying that I would call again and trouble him but I promised him that if I happened to reach him again I would not trouble him.
Finally, after insulting my family and myself, he disconnected and I called again to speak to Samuel, who admitted that he is the supervisor on the floor and that I should direct my enquiry to a mail id or go legal.
This was the answer I was looking for from the beginning and this guy called Sanjay happened to agitate me to the maximum possible extent and for which I would like to have your opinion and proceed further!

Regarding Poor Customer Service by Idea Cellular
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