reliance do not port out from reliance

Complaint Date:

I want to port from Reliance to Idea, reject by donor(reliance) from two month why?

List of port numbers (a)EV652282,(b)EK764146,(c)EV975746,(d)EV186672, (e)EV186672,(f)EV797164.

now port request(order) number from Idea(a)01-52085815308 (17/oct),(b)01-52692235219(29/oct),
and last port also reject by your reliance why?for prepaid rec no:KWB64460731(Idea)10/12/15.

Reliance reapply:
We acknowledge your email dated November 13, 2015 for
your Reliance number 9831680281 and regret the
inconvenience caused.

We request you to reconsider your decision to exit from
our services and give us an opportunity to serve you

As per the details checked and verified in our records,
till date we have not received any new port out request
from your desire service provider (Idea). Hence, we
request you to contact the point of person where you
have given the request.

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thank you for connecting Reliance.


Appellate Authority
West Bengal
so i think reliance do not want port out.

Samarnath dev,
143/swarnakarpara rajpur kolkata 7000149

reliance do not port out from reliance
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