Reliance – No Data Balance After Recharge with Rs/- 282

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My Name is Arko Bagchi. on 10/11/2015 I recharged my mobile with Rs/- 282 for 6GB 2G Data for 90 days. After recharge it was showing data balance and validity days 07/02/2016. After next day I found my main balance was deducting for data and checked that it was showing NO DATA BALANCE in my account.

I tried to call customer care with *333 and 198 but the IVR was not having option to speak to customer care in first place,and after many tries I found the option but it was not connecting to customer care.So I could not speak to them.

I mailed customer care at several times describing this technical problem of theirs but I did not get any reply till now.

In this situation,even they contact to me,they will tell 3 days have passed we can not do anything.But am I responsible for their technical problem? I want my Data back with validity or I want my money back.

Reliance – No Data Balance After Recharge with Rs/- 282
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