Repair of xperia T3

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would like to bring to notice a set of events that have left behind a very bad taste.
1. I have a mobile Xperia T3 which accidentally fell and had the front screen damaged including a crack in the back cover. The mobile was deposited for repairs at the service center vide job order W116033101696 on 31 mar 16.
2. The service center was approached by me on 01 Apr 16 regarding the estimate for repairs , which was conformed and the wk to commence immediately.
3. On 05 Apr 16 the service center was inquired about the state of repairs. I was informed that the parts are not available and they have been demanded. I spoke to The customer support persons and support supervisor on the issue after a prolonged talk it agreed that the repairs would be fast tracked and that the set would be repaired at the latest by 04 Apr 16.
4. On 03 Apr 16 on inquiry from the service center it was the same story. The part is still awaited. The customer support staff, support supervisor and reps of various departments were spoken to and the result was still the same. Today I have been told that it will take three more days for repair, which i am really apprehensive.
5. In the entire set of events few glaring facts emerge.
(a) Non pro activeness at each level.
(b) Customer being left in a lurch to fend for himself.
(c) Due importance not being given to essential equipment’s like mobile phones.
(d) Total casual attitude of the staff especially at the service center.
6. Sony being a brand name should live up to its reputation, it will be only possible if the down time of customer devices is minimal. I certainly hope, that you will agree that a down time of 15-16 day for repair is certainly not acceptable. I hope that you will look in this issue.
Rahul Jayant

Repair of xperia T3
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