Repeated unauthorized charge

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The Incompetent Aircel (prepaid mobile service) authority deducted Rs. 20 twice (i.e. Rs.40 in total) from my account balance claiming that I have subscribed to Tiny TV which I never did. I complained to the aircel customer care executive on the very day on 17th July, 2015 on which they assured me that they will resolve the issue & refund the amount. They only stopped the Tiny TV subscription but till date no refund was made. Instead on 27th July, 2015 they repeated the same mistake and charged Rs. 20 again on the same pretext. Aircel, please stop robbing the customers on the pretext of technical error. I want my Rs. 40 back at the possible earliest. Are you so incompetent that you repeat the same errors again & again?

Repeated unauthorized charge
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