Request For Blocking The Number Or Transfer It In My Name If Possible

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i am parveen choudhury bearing vodafone number 9830930144.My husband shahid anjum was using the aircel number 9804361297 which was registered in his friends name.after the death of my husband on 5 th dec 2014 his mobile having aircel no. 9804361297 is being used by his nephew-saif ali. I had asked him several times to return the mobile to me but he is not ready to do so.all important business calls come in that number which i cannot access it is my inlaws are very cruel they want to deprive me and my one year old son from my husband belongings.they are physically and mentally abusing and harassing husband was running a sanitation business which my inlaws have taken charge of after my husband’s death.since my husbands death, neither i nor my little baby have got a rupee from my inlaws.
I hereby request you to please either block that number forever or if possible please transfer the number in my name so that i will be able to access the number and can thus talk to my husbands business partners and and other important business related persons who can help me to know the busniness matters which my husbands used to deal with him.
I hope you understand my problem and i hereby request you to please please help me in any possible way.
Hope to receive a favourable answer from you

Thank you

Request For Blocking The Number Or Transfer It In My Name If Possible
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