Request for replacement warranty claim on my Yamaha vehicle. Reg.

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Right from the date of purchase of the vehicle Yamaha SZ-S bearingchassis No: ME1RG0621E0005408 and Engine No: G3C6E00184602 from dealer S S Yamaha in Trichy, i am having wobbling problem that increases drastically above 40 km/hr speed.
I was cheated by giving test ride some other vehicle and have delivered the defective one. The vehicle was delivered on 18/09/2014 with delivery No: TRY/255. From the first free service date onwards i have been repeatedly claiming the wobbling problem, but every time they do this or that and try to satisfy me but not the problem. The problem again creeps on in a day or two.
So after all the free service period has elapsed, now they say that since you have already driven 10000 km/hr the warranty cannot be claimed either for the replacement of the vehicle or spare parts and not even the labour. But still they do not take effort to solve the problem. After making hue and cry over this problem during the current service they are not taking it seriously. Just delaying tactics are used and my vehicle is with them for the past one week. I am requesting them to claim warranty and do the necessary. But they give a blunt answer saying you have to bear with this problem.
I strongly suspect the vehicle to have manufacturing defect for which am entitled to claim warranty. But the dealer refuses to do so. I don’t know why and what is the problem behind not claiming for warranty. Every time they say we have corrected and changed this thing that thing so that the problem won’t creep again. But it persists. So i am no longer in a position to believe the dealer’s words about my vehicle’s condition.
I kindly request the Yamaha motors to take up the issue with the dealer and scrutinise the vehicle. I trust the company will take official interest to solve the problem that persists in my vehicle and satisfy its customer which the dealer refuses to do so.
I am looking forward for favourable and keen interest on behalf of the company so that this problem does not rise again and again. I am afraid of this problem as it is very serious and may lead to accident to the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle is with manufacturing defect that needs to be rectified by the company either through dealer or directly.
I am awaiting a quick response to this complaint letter
Thanking you,
With Regards,

Request for replacement warranty claim on my Yamaha vehicle. Reg.
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