Restoration of electricity

Complaint Date:

Subject: Complaint against Mr. Mandeep Singh, S.D.O. Lawrence road division & restoration of electricity supply of consumer no C16LR090639Y, meter number 1036951 contract no.3002178889

Sir, It is respectfully submitted as under :
1. I Vivek Mahajan s/o Lt. Shri M. R. Gupta resident of 355-E Mall Road Amritsar along with my Family, running a shop at railway link road Amritsar since 40 years.
2. Above mentioned electric connection was running at my shop Shubh Kamna Travels 7 Railway Link road Amritsar, since last more than six years.
3. I was consuming the electricity and was paying the bills regularly. (Photo copy of electricity bills attached)
4. There was oral dispute between landlord and tenant. Only to give the benefit to the landlord, SDO Mandeep singh with the conspiracy of land lord executed unlawful order of PDCO no.19/99673, without giving any reply to the applicant for which the applicant was in the court.(Photo copy of plaint attached) and it was fixed for 1/12/2015 further for 24/12/2015 and now for 1/2/2016. Where the notice was served on 18/11/2015 to the department
5. On 18/11/2015, J E (junior engineer) along with the police personal came to my shop to remove the meter. We protested and shown the copy of court notice to the police personal. Police personal after seeing the copy of court notice went back, saying that the matter is in court.
6. On the very next early morning I came to my shop, I found my meter was missing. On enquiry, I found someone removed the meter in the dark. I went to the police station for FIR, they suggested me to bring the report from area SDO. In this connection I along with my well wishers visited SDO Shri Mandeep singh, he admitted that he removed the meter and do whatever you can do.
7. My brother Shri Jatinder Gupta requested SDO Shri Mandeep Singh , to channelize, whatever was wrong in the previous. On this he got annoyed and threatened my brother that he has done less, otherwise he can frame criminal case, against me.

On further request by someone else he told that landlord is enforcing him to disconnect electric supply. On questioning him again that why he is favoring landlord instead of asking him to get disconnection orders from the judicial court where the electricity is basic right for everyone. He said, it’s on me to whom I favor.

Sir it is further submitted that SDO Shri Mandeep singh is in the influence of landlord and have deep understanding to dispossess me and my family from the said shop at any cost for greater benefits.

Sir, I request you to get the matter enquired from some independent agency and to restore my electric supply at the earliest as I and my family are bearing heavy losses because of non supply of electricity as we are in possession from last more than thirty five years.

I further request you to take the action immediately and to restore the electric supply, may be interim and conditions.

Thanking you.

Your sincerely ,

( Vivek Mahajan )
Mbl : 9316505050, 9357333599

Restoration of electricity
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