Roads and herbal garden in AASHIANA COLONY, SECTOR-M.

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Respected sir,
I’m a resident of sector-M, Aashiana colony, lucknow. This is to bring to your notice that its been almost 7 yrs since my stay in this area, but never has the roads been repaired, infact there is no road that could be seen here in sector-M. Moreover there is a herbal garden here which is a goverment property, which has become a big clutter ground. sir please if you could, kindly look into the matter. i hope my request would be heard soon.
thanking you in anticipation
dr chetna shamshery

Roads and herbal garden in AASHIANA COLONY, SECTOR-M.
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  1. udai

    nobody will reply to your complaint. its better that u talk directly to some responsible person, like the councillor of your area with the complaint. one think that u can do is u can click pictures of the road and the park and post it on Twitter(more effective) and FB, and tag the concerned authorities. These days all authorities are on social network from CM of UP to Local Councillor. Everybody is very concerned about their image these days and social networking sites can make and destroy their image. so try it. best of luck. :)


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