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I purchased a Royale Enfield Dessert Storm on 25/03/2014.
I am totally unsatisfied from this product the company has 3rd grade service support system …and almost all the vehicles are fitted with faulty parts ….I am taking my service from our local dealership in saharanpur (Up)M/S Sachdeva Enterprises first 6 months of purchase my bikes battery stopped working ..i registered the complaint to the local dealership ..But The response was so slow and careless that I had to purchase a new battery for 3000 Rs from my pocket …Service centre charged me for all the spark plugs in the warranty period as there was petrol coming in them and due to which my bike was not starting …I have used my bike for just 6000 km in the period of 23 months of my purchase now my bike is not supplying fuel in the engine and the ignition has stopped working …I sent it to service centre the owner told me that now I have to spend a whopping amount of 9000 rs on my bike as now the electrical supply of the bike is gone…than I requested him (Sahil Sachdeva showroom owner ) Brother I have spent 175000/- to purchase a premium bike..atleast give me the number of ur service incharge (TSM) so I can request him to help and get my bike done on spl approval ….He responded that TSM (Mr Umesh) has strictly asked him to not to give his number to any customer as he is a boss an will not deal in these issues …Than I got the number of Mr Umesh (TSM) through customer care & than the procedure of service is started …and still there is no commitment given to me yet & I am asked to talk on Monday or write a mail..I again called the showroom owner Mr Sachdeva and asked him to give me a counter reciept (of job card) of my bike which was picked from my site on 28/02/2016 …he said ‘don’t built any pressure on us for service just pick ur your bike from my showroom and go hell out of here’…..wwwwooooooow What a quality of service ????

If anybody is reading this post plz plz plz share this …don’t even dare to buy a Royale Enfield product …better go for a second hand Harley Davidson in 3-4 lack rs as its better than wastin 2lack in Royale Enfield (like I did) coz atleast u will experience proud to be a owner of a good bike & awesome service support they have…even after limited dealerships in India ..

Hope after reading this the service team of Royale Enfield will do something if they have some value of customers.

My bike chassis no -me3u5s5fiec015093
Engine number- U6s5foec061069
Name -Nitin Gupta

Royale Enfield complaint
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