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Today on 29’th February 2016, I went to Nilgiris, Okkiampet Branch, Chennai to purchase few things. when I went to chose a deodorant, to chose a perfect deo I took 1 sample deo, and test it, while testing one shop person came and ask don’t spray, I say its a testing product. He replied in a very bad manner that 50 testing product are finished in this way, So, I took different product and to check from outside without spraying just by smelling. but it was boxed not sealed, So, I while I was trying to open the box, That person came again and ask me you can’t open the box. If you want to take take it or go.

Now My Question is, Is this the way or behaviour to talking to person?
I really feel so embarrassing in front of those many people.
If they are really afraid of finishing testing product then why they are keep some deo written for testing not for sale.
If someone has finish their deo then is it my fault that they could shout at me?

Rude Behaviour
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