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respected mr modi/ms smirti irani
teh school system needs your attention.i run a ngo(no govt or any other funds).my own savings go to improve 5 schools in uttrakhand.i live in gujarat and travel 5 times a year to help the schools in infrastructure and teach a motivator
my concern- midday meal- given to 6/7/8 std , but what happens to the younger children watery dal n rice is not a happy situation
govt paid teachers get fancy salary but no commitments n no accountability(your word sir)
a lady teacher get 6mnths maternity leave.1-2 years child care leave and can club it with 1 year medical levae.get salary all this while too!!!!.our children go without a teacher .not fair sir!!!hope you agree
would like a meeting with you both if you please.
i love my country and want to do my little bit before i leave this planet
help me , help my india please

rupa jhaveri
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  1. Vijay gera

    Hi h r u

    I wanna just confirm I have to take a admission in esi medical college faridabad so plz contact me asap
    Vijay gera


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