Salary dues for 2 months not paid

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Hello Sir, I have newly joined Samrudhdh Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Cooperative Society as Branch Manager, from 21 March 2016 and what i have found now is that the staff has not received past two months salary from the company, also when we are asking top management with request they are not responding properly, The Staff from my branch has also fwd the mail demanding for the salary for the last two months on behalf of 25 branches which are supporting us for the cause of salary other branches are not supporting us for reasons unknown by us. As the letter demanding salary was mailed to the top management including our reporting managers what the staff member received is threats regarding termination from senior managers also they are giving threat regarding performance appraisal also they are referring the staff as donkeys demanding money. I, as a new joiner came to know this problem when i received mail on 29/3/2016 from HR Head regarding delay in salary for another 15-20 days, on asking this to previous staff who left the organisation only due to salary not paid on time upon this i called HR who took my interview he replied that there are problems going on with the society since 2-3 month he should have informed me when i gave the interview also i asked my senior manager cum coordinator but he too replied the same that there are problems going on with the society and also replied there are issues in salary payment dates. Upon this staff had sent the mail on 30/3/2016 for demanding salary for 2 months along with their signatures by specifying most valid problems faced by staff since 2 months but still no response received from them till now, also the company is paying amount of money to the customers whose FD has matured late from the date mentioned in the FD certificates/Documents. I hereby ask you to please please please solve this crisis asap as we the staff are facing lot of financial difficulties also we are going through serious mental stress, As i am not able to attach the letter that staff had mailed the management i am pasting the letter below:

The Top Management,
Samruddha Jeevan Multistate Multipurpose Cooperative Society,
4th Floor, Yashodhan Business Complex
Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar,
Pune-411 005

Sub: Regarding Salary Payment
Hello Sir,
I am writing this letter on behalf of entire staff to discuss the salary delay problems as entire staff of Gujarat State has not received Salary for around 2 months.
I hereby, on behalf of entire staff of Gujarat ask you to Pay Salary on urgent basis as we are facing financial problems and also many such other problems, I am pointing out the list of problems faced by staff members of various branches:
1) Individuals working in Samruddha Jeevan whose family is totally dependent on him are facing financial crisis to meet day to day requirements.
2) Staff has to take loan on high interest rates to meet their expenses but they are not provided loan without last three months salary slips.
3) They have to demand money from friends and relatives which is shameless for them as they cannot give them the exact time period by which the money will be repaid as there is no guarantee of Salary Payment.
4) As there is no money in hands staff members cannot pay for the medical bills of the family.
5) Staffs living far from their hometowns are not even able to pay rent for their house they always search for reason that they should provide to the house owner.
6) Staff cannot save money as there is no money in hand.
7) Mental pressure and stress faced by staff members and their families because of this situation and long working hours on Circular Ending Days without any pay (Overtime Pay).
There are many more problems faced by staff members, in addition to this mentioned points, there may be chances that the company may lose most of the employees and even will be forced to close its branches in most of the places in Gujarat.
After considering the following situations, on behalf of entire staff I hereby ask the Top Management to provide the salary latest by 2nd April 2016, before the situation gets worsen.
Please find the name & signature of staff that are facing financial problems.
Yours faithfully

Salary dues for 2 months not paid
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