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Dear sir,very good evening mY self Neha from last 3 year iam so much salary problem I have spent 21yrs of life in Delhi my mother death at 2012 due to thyroid and my father is a small businessman I have no brother sister and in 2012 I have got married to a person then I spend1 year with him at last I have given him divorce due to my marriage iam unable to complete my from Delhi university now I finally moved back with my father and my daughter herevin GUWAHATI(Assam) but here iam a teacher in indian public school noonmati,GUWAHATI but when I was in Delhi I have done work with the IBM noida and side by side iam doing my study but unable to complete then again here in GUWAHATI I returned back and taken admission in b.a in kKHSOU now iam a teacher also earning rs.2000 per month my question is that If I will apply to kV school then also they will ask the corruption but in Delhi private school I will get rs 8000 but here in GUWAHATI there is no scope for us noonmati public schools, sunshine public schools they all are giving rs.2000 to us they need b.a. , b.end,tet,ctet m.a. why we are not getting good salary after our graduation sir if the candidate is talent and degree then also low salary why sir? and sir iam belong from the medium family what future I will made of my daughter riya? everywhere is corruption ? I can also join IBM again with rs 18000 but how will Ieave my beti and dad ? how I will leave alone in Delhi? if in GUWAHATI private school giving good salary then it is OK for us but not good salary????? plz sir help me???

thank you

Neha kakoti

salary problem
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