samsung galaxy s4 4g 16gb model no GT-i9505

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hi sir/madam

i am from india-hyderabad.
i have a samsung galaxy s4 4g 16gb (gt-i9505) mobile phone.
last my phone did not trun on, so i went one of the samsung customer serivce center, they told
motherboard problem
so you have to replace motherboard, they suggest to me.

i agree to replace motherboard. following week i got a call from that shop to collect the mobile phone,
i went that shop i find out
they replace motherboard working good, but they replace another model motherboard(gt-i9500) and lcd screen too.

that motherboard has major variation 9505 has 4g technology and 9500 has 3g technology,

i spoke with manager i do not want 9500 board i want 9500 board. then after i find all parts are 9500. i very shocked
they changed everything then they charged to me Rs. 8000.00,

finally i told that manager i do not want that model parts i want 9505 model.

they argue to me we changed only motherboard we did not change all parts.

is it possible samsung company can make only motherboard is 9505 and rest of the all parts 9500.
it is possible.

please give me all necessary information, i would like contact consumer court or local police station.

samsung galaxy s4 4g 16gb model no GT-i9505
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