Samsung LED 24 Model No J4100 Display Problem

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Dear Samsung Customer Service Team,
This is to bring to your notice that i have purchased Samsung LED 24 inch TV (Model No J4100) on 2nd August 2015 from Sales Emporium, Jessore Road. It is very strange with in 4 months the Display is Spoiled and is not Working properly and Half Screen is full of Blur. It is actual Electronic Products gets damaged. But with in 3-4 months if it gets spoiled means what we will think. One more thing if the above mention product is Defective why do you want to bring it Market. Do you think the one who purchase the product is Mad? I hope the Problem will be Rectified by your Technician with in a Day or Two. I Need a Proper Response for the Defective or else the same will be escalated to your Management as well as to the Govt., Officials.

Samsung LED 24 Model No J4100 Display Problem
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