Saras Dairy, Jaipur

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I bought a packet of PANEER on 26.09.15 expiry of which was shown 30.09.15 and found that it was not fresh and taste was sour (Khatta). I rushed to the booth immediately and returned the Paneer along with its raper to the booth owner but he denied to pay me back the money of Rs.55/- and said that we are only selling the product of Saras Dairy and we are not liable for the quality of the product and can not do anything in this regard. I bought this packet of PANEER FROM Jaipur Dairy Booth No.1917 located at Ajmer Road, Highway, Chitrakoot 60ft. Road(Corner), near Kiran Palace Hotel, Jaipur. This packet is still with Booth owner. In this connection, I may add that I am a permanent customer of Saras Dairy proucts since long. Could you please help me to get justice in this regard.
Sudhir Agarwal,
293, Tagore Nagar,
Mobile No.9784012057

Saras Dairy, Jaipur
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