Save Animals Or Birds

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save the animals or birds for illegal sale in Nagara Nigam Indore MP.

Save Animals Or Birds
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  1. avtatr singh

    Not even a single religion permits to kill any living being.(Hindu,Muslim,Sikh ,Christian)
    God has given us the power to grow ( Only Vegetation) , that we can eat. Those organisms whom we kill but can not give life, we have no right to kill and eat them.
    If some one argues that they have right to eat animals etc then why not eat raw as other animals do.
    As you treat animals same shall be treated with you.
    Trust :- Ram Gaua Raksha Dal 
    Adress:- Maya Puri Indl. Area Phase-1 New Delhi-110064
    Office Phone No- 01128114582
    Name :- avtar singh
    Cell no – 09810036499
    Web Side:-
    Company :- AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY
    Works :- Save Cow ,animals , birds , see . 


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