save stray dogs of our society

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Respected Mam,
I am general citizen of city called ambala cantt where i live i shastri colony.After searching alot i have got your mail id as last resort for help as in this case only u can help me due to the big minister live in our colony.
Now coming to the mattet in last two years member of our society have hired dog catchers to catch stray dogs amd dislocate them to other places.But after seeing method they were using fo these speechless animal i was totaly shocked ,i felt shame on being human because they used big stricts to neat them and also tired their mouth and legs with rope.Today and 3 to 4 days ago they are doing same i may be the omly person against it ,although many persom.will be aginst it in.oud colony but not speaking due to big influence of that big personality in our i rrquest u to plz warn.our socity for these type of brutelty actions taken by future i can save these inncents animals.. I have read about some laws regading stray dogs on net accoding to them it feels lyk that totaly injustice happening to them. I have big hopes with you.Reply as soon as possible. plz reply me on this email id
Thank you

save stray dogs of our society
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