Scam in allotment of petrol pump sites in HUDA Sectors

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I am Urmila Yadav w/o Late Lt. Col P.K Yadav (Shaurya Chakra) R/o H.No. 1843 Sector-4, District Rewari, Haryana. I am writing to you because I know that you have helped a lot of people in solving their personal issues with the government departments. I also want to share my problem with you as now I am left with no other option. As you know that haryana is a state which has given the maximum number of soldiers and officers to the Indian Army.The soldiers give their best to serve the nation but the government and the bureaucrats do not perform their duties and responsibilities towards these soldiers.

Similar thing happened to me, the corrupt officials of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and the politicians together has snatched my right. I have been selected by the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd for the allotment of Petrol Pump under Defence Category under Corpus Fund Scheme and according to the policy Indian Oil is required to provide the land for setting up Petrol Pump for the Defence Candidates. Also in every sector, HUDA keeps a site for setting up of Petrol Pump.On 5th September 2013 HUDA has advertised in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper for the allotment of Petrol Pump sites on lease hold basis at Sectors 18, 19, 20 and 25 in Rewari District in which only nationalised oil companies can apply. In the said advertisement Indian Oil has applied to HUDA and sponsored the names of LOI holders in which my name is at the top priority for the site of Sector 19 and I am the only Candidate of Defence Category. According to the policy of HUDA priority is to be given to the Defence Candidates in the allotment of Petrol Pump sites but i was not selected because i have no approach and other candidates of general category were selected and in doing so the Ex Parliament Secretary and Incharge of HUDA department during Congress Govt. Rao Daan Singh has played a big role. Instead of selecting me i.e. Urmila Yadav w/o Late Lt. Col P.K Yadav (Shaurya Chakra) they have selected the name of Urmila Yadav w/o Birender Singh Yadav who was not even sponsored by the Indian Oil Company and who has no LOI and belongs to General Category. The money and political influence seems to have made HUDA officials to Deceitfully and Fraudulently recommend for allotment of Petrol Pump site using my name for a name-sake replacing husband’s name thinking that I being a Defence widow will neither know it nor will be able to reveal this trick. The HUDA has used my name and the Defence Category to which I belong for allotting the Petrol Pump site to another person having same name i.e. Urmila Yadav w/o Birender Singh Yadav.This act of money power and political influence needs to be made public so that wrong doers be brought to book for legal action and authorities be made to allot to me on the basis of meritfull recommendation of Indian Oil Corporation.

Also according to the policy of HUDA, the sites should be offered as and when they are carved out so that they are put to use at the earliest in public interest instead of floating the sites only once in a year, as mentioned in their letter dated 12.08.08. (Copy Attached). Its been more than 1 year and 8 months that the sites are not allotted yet.

In this matter I have wrote to all the authorities and officials concerned and also to Chief Minister, Haryana and Prime Minister of India many times. Not only this I have personally met the authorities, officials and Ministers, but no one paid any heed. I am left with no other option but to approach you. You are the only hope left for me, please raise my issue and take out the culprits to the public.

Scam in allotment of petrol pump sites in HUDA Sectors
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