Scorpio Service complain – KA03MN2922

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My car number KA 03 MN 2922, registered at Bangalore, laste year my car stopped suddenly on the road one evening while returning home, then India Garage serviced the car and I paid 20000 + as they hade chaned the clutch plate, etc, you may check in the system, then it had run about 40000 kms. With futher service I was not happy and I stopped visiting India Garage, now for the past 8 months I give my car to Sireesh, which also closer to my work place- Marathahalli, yesterday agin my car stopped on the road, then it was towed to Sireesh, then I got a message from them, the repair charges will be about 16000, again it seems clutch probelm, I now wonder if India Garage had done anything with clutch, because within 10000 kms it has stopped. Please look into this request and investigate, and hoping for a favourable reply.

Scorpio Service complain – KA03MN2922
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