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No refund of college caution money even after 1 yr and 7 months of passing..
Dear concerned authority,
i am an alumnus of galgotias business school, greater noida which comes under the authority of galgotias university Yamuna Expressway( formerly -AICTE)

i did my PGDM-HR, during the period 2012-14 this duration, i had submitted caution money of rs. 7000 (rs.2000 for academic and 5000 for hostel security) at the time of admission, i.e. in august-september 2012.

this amount is refundable and is to be refunded by the college after passing the degree. but unfortunately, i have not received the amount even after making numerous attempts to get the money back through person visits, registered letters,phone calls, mail etc.

college authorities behave unapologetically with apathy and have been fooling us ( I have come to know almost all my mate have not received their refund) but i get hollow promises always.
it is not possible for me to travel greater noida frequently as i have my work limitation.

hence i wish immediate intervention of the concerned government authority to instruct college administration to refund my money along with all the interest/penalty till date as per government norms.
i hope swift action will be taken by the government to bring the college chairman , mr. suneel galgotia into purview of justice as this is direct suppression of fundamental right of mine as citizen of india.
my details are as follows:
Deepankar Bisht
Roll No .098—12PGDM –Section C
paased out student of PGDM HR & Marketingcollege
galgotias business School, greater noida.
cell 7042140051
135, New Manglapuri New Delhi
bank detail provided to them as well
Name : : Deepankar Bisht
Bank’s Name : Punjab National Bank, Almora
SB a/c No : 0962001500011957
Bank IFSc code : PUNB0096200

security Fee Refund
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