Selling Dealer & Samsung Not bothered

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To :
Mahajan Electonics
89 Raja Garden
Ring Rod,
New Delhi-110015


Samsung India Electronics
2nd,3rd & 4th floor,Tower C,
Vipul Tech Square ,Sector 43,
Golf Course Road
Gurgaon 122002

Reg.:- Samsung LED TV Model No. UA46ES8000RMXL, bearing Serial No. 22483ZECB00011H.

It is very smart of Samsung to reach to a decision without evaluating the problems by some visit of a person not interested to do his job with a serious note.
The TV defective and you sitting in a office even without initiating another visit by some senior technician to confirm the faults,you wish to state you close the matter.

Since then we are writing you mails and you made us run about from pillar to post on excuses which were useless and baseless in Deliberation and to be noted as the Highest Dis-regard in Deliberation of Services.

I have reported the above matter to you several times detail of e mails and letters sent to you by speed post are dated as follows:-
Despite all my pleadings you have not settled the matter thus deficiency in services
Which is indeed regrettable and highly un business like. On account of your aforesaid dereliction of
Duty and failure and neglect to rectify the same I have suffered losses/incurred expenses

Failing which I shall be constrained to initiate against you for redressal of my aforesaid
Grievances and recovery of the aforesaid amount such proceedings, both civil and criminal as
Are warranted by law, besides filing a complaint under the statutory provisions of the Consumer
Protection Act, 1986 exclusively at your own risk, cost, responsibility and consequences

You are hereby cautioned that in case you do not get the faulty TV rectified/replaced/refunded you are liable to be prosecuted under Sec.12R,21 of the Consumer Protection Act and all expenditure occurring during litigation will be borne by Samsung & dealer.
All logistic costs ,Legal Costs to occur also payable by you ,Refund amount of TV paid Rs.129000/-,and a additional amount of compensation for causing mental tension and agony for value Rs.5 Lacks.

We hope sense prevails and you get the TV thoroughly examined by a senior person immediately.

R Kwatra
B121 The Summit
DLF Phase 5
Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon 122011


Sent by e mail and courier

Selling Dealer & Samsung Not bothered
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