Sensor Problem of MIcromax TV Model No 42C0050UHD

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This is our below mentioned complained regarding to our New Tv which has been bought through flipkart.
I have already written mail to customer care thrice but not a concrete solution has been made.The date of purchase and model no of the TV has mentioned in the appended mail.

With reference to above mentioned complaint no regarding to sensor problem of my newly purchased Micromax 42C0050UHD TV having serial no 00037B250116599 through Flipkart order no OD302938178675962200 dated 25 May 2015 in the name of Aman Aaryan Singh. Your technician (Mr. Yadav having mobile no 8898395771) has attended the call but could not resolved the same.

While asked about what is exact problem with the TV, he told me in first instance you might be disturbed your remote system without doing nothing with TV. After resetting the TV system programme, then he unlocked the TV and try to resolve the problem. But the problem was not fix.

After asking about whether the problem would be fix or not, then he replied me the problem would be sorted out once the part will be received from company. When I asked about how much time will be required to resolve the same he told me it will take one week time.

Please do the needful.

Bihari Lal

I am very afraid about your poor service quality and the way your technician responded. A company like Micromax , whose products has been accepted by consumer very much and market share is keep in growing day by day having such a poor service quality.

Kindly take the matter and seriously and resolve the matter at the earliest

Sensor Problem of MIcromax TV Model No 42C0050UHD
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