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First of all i want to tell you that i am using garnier products since i remember.Always i have been satisfied
with the products. But this time with the product called “Garnier Power light – Oil and Sweat Control” i have some
serious concerns. First of all one understands if the product is not that up to the mark(means even if it would had reduced
the sweat just 1% i would not have been writing this mail). But my frustration is that after i applied ,every time i “WAS
SWEATING MORE”. That means this product is doing opposite of what it promised.i have no clue how it has passed
your test and all. For just the testing purpose i applied it on a different day and
stayed home and checked.Result the same..then i thought my skin might be the issue(but then keep this point that i was
seating more). I gave the same thing to my friend and guess what he too was sweating more.same with other people
with different skin types.So the conclusion is this product is doing reverse of what it is promising to its customers
and i hope a company like garnier understands what it means. So now you tell me what shall i do with the product .
i will be patient and quiet unless and until i am satisfied with your reply and my concerns .But if i am not then
there will be a problem for your reputed company. Keeping in mind that i run a Social Media Marketing company
it will be a very easy task for a dissatisfied customer like me.

You guys use tagline “TAKE CARE”, well it doesn’t seem to take care of me.

Serious Complain
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  1. swati

    mujhe kuch drs. k galat trtmnt k karan kidney failure ho gaya main pichle 3 saalo se dylasis pe hu mujhe kya karna chahiye pls suggest


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