Service compalint against Rajpal Hinda (Service centre for HMSI)

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Dear sir/Team,

I am glad to tell you that my dad bought me an ACTIVA (DELUXE MODEL WITH COMBI BRAKE) in 2010 and I and my dad can happily say that that was our one of the wrong decision to bought a honda product. we found suzuki is far better than honda. and your service support is awesome how they handle the customer so that customer never want to come again and also they found guilty to buy your product. thank you for your valued product and awesome service. we will never recommend honda product to anyone. it was our bad experience with honda. Thank you & stay happy.

This time I met with a small accident and I took my vehicle to Rajpal Honda and I said to them That Check my vehicle and let me know about the expenses so that I can take the decision weather I should take claim or not.

On the day 29 Feb 2016 I took my vehicle to Rajpal honda and when they came to know that I want to claim all the expenses they diverted me to Mr. Rajesh ( Let me tell you about him, Unpleasant, don’t have sense how to talk to the customers, Not satisfactory reply to your questions) He told me that leave the vehicle for estimation and I Did the same and he took almost 3-4 days to provide estimation and when assessor approved my damages he said leave vehicle for 10-12 days atleast.

I left my vehicle in rajpal honda and after that I was following up the status of my vehicle regularly.

Then on 12.03.16 ( Saturday) we got a call that our vehicle is ready and we can take the delivery. But on Saturday I was out of town so I asked her (Receptionist) that can we take delivery on Sunday that means next day and she said yes the showroom will remain open and you can take delivery on Sunday as well. But when I went to Rajpal Honda on next day i.e. Sunday (13.03.16) Mr. Rajesh refuse to give delivery and said that accident department is locked. huh !! I said him its not not my fault your executive(Receptionist) told me to come on Sunday for the delivery. I spent near about 350 Rs in convenience (Waste of money ). I told him why you people hire Illiterate staff which needs interaction with the customers.

I also ask to Receptionist If the service part is pending then please do the service of activa as well then she said…. “sir activa complete h service wagerah sab ho gaya h… le jaiye”

Then on 14.03.16 I was also out of station and finally I took the delivery on 15.03.16. Now, At the time of delivery I paid 120 Rs for Auto and 9415 Rs to these Unskilled, Unpleasant, Worthless people. I also told them I think Handle is not up to the mark Then Mr. Rajesh Told me this is a new handle It will remain little bit tight and will take time to settle down. And Service of vehicle was not done. … stupid peoples….

Then I took ride of my activa and went back to home and then i again rushed to Rajpal Honda on 29.03.16 with my complaint regarding Handle Balance. Then again those unskilled peoples started telling me “kaam hoga to paisa to lgega and all… and I told him I gave 9415 to rajpal honda … I just want my vehicle to be perfect…”
. then they again diverted me to Rajesh, When I reached to him and explained my problem He asked me to leave my vehicle for an another day. I got angry and asked him why you did not perform your duty earlier when my vehicle was available with you. His reply was rude and ask me why you come after so many days. Then I shouted on him then he agree to take my vehicle for repair but ask to come on another day.

Then I went them again for repair and they took my vehicle for the whole day.

Now after 29.03.16 after taking delivery of my vehicle I felt still there is some thing which is not right with my handle but I carry on with my schedule because I can’t waste time with these stupid jerks. But now the Conditions are becoming bad day by day …. My handle is not stable, still I feel there is vibration in my handle…it is not stable… any time I can meet with an accident….

Now its my Bad luck that I am owing a Honda vehicle with bad service support and moreover i am riding that vehicle with the risk of my life.

Its sad to say that I can’t say that I am a proud owner of Honda Vehicle.

I have no choice I have to go again to these unskilled peoples with my this problem and have to waste my time again… sometimes i used to think to take a room near to rajpal honda so that i can place my vehicle at rajpal honda at any point of time as I living approx. 10 km away from the rajpal honda.

HMSI is such a big company, I am shocked why they don;t terminate this Rajpal Honda store .. who used to torture your (Honda’s) ultimate customers.

I am sure that You can’t do anything for this Inconvenience caused to me. Most probably You will ask me to go to Rajpal Honda again and keep wasting my time.

You Honda Team, keep promoting these unskilled peoples on the sake of customers life. I will not be amazed If there is no audit process for service centres by the company’s personnels.

We are the unhappy customers and will also remain unhappy. Our Bad Luck that we are living in India and moreover in MP. But Please note If I met with an accident with my vehicle I will also lodge a complain with Police Department too. (If i can waste my time These Unskilled peoples then I can waste my time on all the litigations too)




I will go to Rajpal Honda Tomorrow.. Lets see know what they have in their bowl… Have to face those unskilled

I will see what I have to do.. I will post my Reviews on Social Media and also lodge a complaint with consumer forum.

Thanks & Regards
Sanchay Jain

Service compalint against Rajpal Hinda (Service centre for HMSI)
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