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Clarcks was my favourite shoes for the last 20 years. Where ever I travel I always buy at least one of the latest shoes. I have been in India for the last 9 years. Out of these no of yeras I have been loyal to Clarks shop at Ghatkoprer located in Rcity mall first floor. Yesterday my self and my wife went for a shoping to the smae clarcks shop. We have chosen 1 shoes each and the amount was Rs 13,998 all together. As usual I gave my Citibank debit card for swiping. The sles agent did the swiping and I received sms from citibank that Rs 13, 998 was deucted and paid to Clarks. However, the sales person declined that the amount was not transferred to their account.. Then he said, he can`t do any thing unless he makes second attempt. Which means am going to be charged double. I refused and requested him for a solution. He called his boss who was not around and briefed the scenario. The manger responded to him , nothing could be done unless second swiping is done. The sales person knows our loyality but couldn`t help. Then, I asked him to hold one of the shoes and give us the other at least until the transaction will be sorted out. He again called the manger and asked for his willingness to allow us at least one of the shoes. Again The manger said no. Almost 2 hours have been wasted while we are arguing. Finally we were advised to wait for the manger to come. after 30 mnts he came and repeated what he has spoken over phone calls. I called Citibank to confirm that the amount has been deducted from my account. I put on my phone speaker and made them to hear from the realtionship manger. She has confirmed that the amount is already deducted. The manger who had solution for his loyal customer could do nothing. our embarassement has continued being a loyal customer. Victimized just because we have been loyal to clraks products. It is really shae to have such incometient mangers who have no sympathy for the customers. a manger without any solution. To our surprise the sales paerson had better understanding of his loyal customers when he explained to him over phone call that we are loyal customers. We have shown them trust by leaving with them one shoe until the transaction would be sorted out but they couldn`t trust us. Not only that we have made crime by giving to them our debit credi to act up on it. Finally, we have beged them for a non automated receipt to confim that we have made failed transaction with them. 4hours later we left the shop empty handed, humilated and embrassed in the hands of Clraks manger and team located at Ghatkoper Rcitiy mall. We talking with our bank to follow up the needful from their side. I am interested to take with Clraks India head office to investigate and let me know the result before I will take up with Customers redressal forum.
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Service deficiency
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