Service for my Mahindra XUV5oo

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My name is Barthalome F
I am owning XUV 5OO
I want to do the service for my car
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu
car Reg no : TN 10 AK 9675
Reg. mobile no. 9790975891
my email. id:

Already 80000 km over. I am living in Choolaimedu. Regularly i am doing the service at MPL Salaigramam. I have contacted there for next service. They said we have closed the company. They wont take any vehicles for service. I have tried Guindy and Ambathur no one is willing to do the service for my vehicle now. They said that i have to wait for minimum 15 days to 20 days. If they take after 20 days they will take for regular service itself for one week. Help me where should I go for service now.

one small suggestion: you are giving the importance to sell the cars. At the same time try to give minimum importance for doing the service.

I am not at all satisfied with your service. Please reply me

Service for my Mahindra XUV5oo
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