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I am facing the following problems.
1. On 24-04-16 approx 12:30 hrs I have recharged of amount Rs. 198 a 3 G Data pack for my reliance prepaid no. 9569345313 and my 3 G data account balance is also showing i.e. 1024 MB data balance. But Sir I could not get service of internet due to non availability of service . however signals are available but net is not available. For the whole day I have tried to start my net serbice and I have also talked at customer care no. 2 times but they are neither resolving my problem nor registering my complaint. Rather even now I coluld not talk to cusyomer care no. by my reliance no. I dont know what theyvhave made with my no. I am very much disturb and facing too much problem. My precise time is also wasting. Actually they are doing harasement. Even yesterday I have also sent a mail to their customer care mail but neither they have replied no they have resolved my problem.
2. From the last one month they are unnecessary cutting some unwanted charges from my no. However I have no opted any additional service. When I have not activated any additional service then why they are cutting those charges without any confirmation or intimation. Pl do the needful yo stop those charges. Evev all those charges which have been deducted unnecessary should be reembuse to me and if they are not giving me the internet facility from today that amount of Rs. 198 with compensation of Rs. 200 for harasement to me for the whole day and wasting my time should be return to me. Even to resolve the above problem yesterday on 24-04-16 specially I have recharged my no.2 times to talk to customer care because they charge to talk to customer care and not solving the problem neither register any complaint. However asked each time to talk after some time. I think they are also making money or cheating the customer by adopting this manner.
3. However I am at my home station but my no. Is showing at roaming because they are taking helo of other networkin like tata etc. But dye to this I could no make any local call even to customer care. Even 198 no. for any complaint could not be dialed my no. Even now customer care no *333 could not connect to agent to book any complaint.
Sir I am feeling very helpless and harrassed. Please help me to come out from this promlem. Actually I am feeling that they are blackmailing to me.
Vijay singh
Reliance frustated customer

service not providing by Reliance
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