Service of Hitachi I ton window A/C

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I have hitachi 1 ton window A/C since Feb 2012. and it is under annual maintainence contract and the current contract is from 20.02.2016 to 19.02.2017 for which I have paid on 6.02.2016. In March, the service people came for regular service and found the semi comprehensive with coil has to be changed for the functioning of Air conditioner.Now, even after the lapse of more than a month, it has not been done.In spite of my regular contact with service station, they are not responding well. It is requested to do the needful under intimation to me.

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Mobile No.9840746406
New No.6/6 Jubilee Road,
SNR Flats,
West Mambalam, Chennai-600 033

Service Centre Phone:044 42866616

Machine Details:
Model No.RAW 312 KRD
Machine Sl.No.110817751
Compressor No.6063 K 7261450
Fan Motor No.GEXX734 TE 11023423

Service of Hitachi I ton window A/C
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