Services of YEPME is very bad score 0/10

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I booked my order on 3rd march 2016. I paid through my credit card. and the amount was deducted 3 times. This happened because I received the message ‘Sorry your order could not be verified’ twice. and I tried the next day and payment was successful. when I checked the status the order was booked three times. In the next two days I received two messages saying the material will be delivered by 7th march. When I contacted the YEPME customer care they said not to receive one of the packets. The material was despatched through Gati Express. After that I tried to follow the courier but neither Gati nor YEPME were in position to say when the material will be delivered. Ultimately it was delivered on 13th march. Since then I have been calling YEPME for refunds but till now I have been listening it has been highly escalated and will be refunded by 28th evening. It is a company which is making customers fool. PLEASE DON’T BUY FROM IT.

Services of YEPME is very bad score 0/10
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