Sevage Problem In The Area Of Teen Dongri, Prem Nagar

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Sir, we are staying in goregaon, Teen Dongri, for last 30 years but for the past few years , due to SRA Scheme has taken place and various building taken place. We dont have cmplaint about thouse buildings, but there severage system, storm drain water system is not properly in place and those building’s severage sysems were choked up various times for whole year and all severage, human waste comes on the road and we have only one road to pass through those buildings and that is Teen dongri Road No. 1. there is no any political leader is ready to look after this problem, small children fell sick because they have to go by this road to school. We requesting you to send your person and check personally what happening in this area. because no sitting M.L.A. no Corporator give due attention to this issue. the situation is so critical and health hazardous that we cant bear that situation.

Sevage Problem In The Area Of Teen Dongri, Prem Nagar
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