Shame on irresponsible news tarnishing hard labour of the Principal .

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Dear Sir
It is shameful that Dainik Janwani has appointed so incompetent and irresponsible people in Baghpat especially in Aminagar Sarai/ Pilana area who have least respect for the truth and integrity of proven renowned educationists of the town.
Responsible people of the town tell that these so called reporters are engaged in constant blackmailing by publishing nonsense and bizzare news with zero authenticity thereby tarnishing the hard earned reputation of the educated class.
Please refer news of 19 may 2015 and 21 may 2015 of your ‘esteemed’ newspaper page number 2 and 3 respectively. These news reflect that Your reporters are the Police and judges straightway ! Without any thoughtful enquiry they created the ‘MASALA ‘ news shamefully forgetting Janwani’s motto ‘ek sakaraatmak soch’ ! After the false accusations and subsequent enquiry of cctv footages and staff and students’ undertaking ie when the matter was declared bogus and absolutely rubbish, None of your reporter went back to publish the Result of the enquiry ! I have worked hard 15 long years in promoting rural children’s education and have earned name and fame .I take 106 kms of run to and fro for this daily from Meerut and finally have established a school with immense love and care from the village community and their children. We teachers never forget our loving responsibilities and thats our only anthem as well !
After the enquiry was over, it was your newspaper’s responsibilty to restore my tarnished image by publishing the bogusness and unauthenticity of the news which was created to add sensation among the public for no fault of mine from day one.To substantiate my claim i can enclose cctv footages, Parent Teacher Association Letter, Chidren’s declaration ( recorded) , call recordings ,letter to S O , P S Singhawali aheer for your perusal .
I hope you would publish the result of the enquiry urgently so that my hard earned respect between the general masses tarnished by your irresponsible reporters can be restored at the earliest and any legal step of filing defamation case against the newspaper can be avoided honourably.

Dr. Mrs. Sudha Sharma
Ph 9358700678
Vedantic International School
Aminagar Sarai, Baghpat

Shame on irresponsible news tarnishing hard labour of the Principal .
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