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Dear sir

I want to share lovely memories to you and hotel owners. Which is mentioned here point wise:-

1. I have booked hotels for 2 sea facing room for 4 adult and one 6 yrs child at SAGARIKA HOTELS in old digha through stayzilla at 26.2.16. Check in at 24.3.16 and checkout at 27.3.16.

2. Total 3 nights booking cost was total 4794 (inclusive tax).

3. I paid at the time of booking Rs. 1440/- (30%) and rest 3354/- (70%) will be paid at the time of check in at hotels as per your condition.

4. Stayzilla rang me up at 2-3 times after booking the room for confirmation and I also confirmed them and assured them my train time is 2:15 pm by kandari express and arrival time approx 5:50 pm.

5. We started from Howrah at 2:15 pm and reached at Digha station at 6:15 Pm. And when we reached their and observe heavy crowd. Tourists are waiting on road and there is no hotel rooms are available.

6. At last we reached at SAGARIKA HOTELS with copy of check in pass guys of hotels says us there is no booking for us and we are surprised and astonished too.

7. At that time I rang up to Stayzilla and they told me your booking confirmed but hotel manager told me that there is no booking confirmation for us. We have tried to contact the hotel owner that time he is not picking up the phone. We are really puzzled at that time with my child who was very much ill my wife and sister in law and her husband. We are very much tired too. No room is available in our budget for that night (24.3.16).

8. Hotels owner (SAGARIKA HOTELS) rang up me at 9:30 to 10 pm and told me that i don’t have any option in my hand for this night (24.3.16) Please arrange some other place this night and I will arrange you 2 rooms for next 2 days ( 25.3.16 to 27.3.16 ) in my hotels.

9. We have tried to arrange room at that night (24.3.16) and at last we find a room twin sharing for RS 3000/- in a interior place. And all are share that only room which is most lower class and not cleaned and well maintained. But we don’t have any other option in our hand.

10. I don’t sleep that night because I was full of tension and go to SAGARIKA HOTEL at next morning 8:00 pm and talk to manager and he told me to come at 10:00 am. We are all waiting at beach till 10:00 am and come to hotels then he made all formalities.

11. Surprisingly I found that our room cost was Rs. 720 /night in place of Rs. 786/- and advance showing Rs. 966/- where I paid in advance Rs.1440/- .

12. We Have booked 2 sea facing room but we have got 1 sea facing room and another is not. Room no 27 & 29 given to us 29 is too small there is no TV, no sufficient Light at all and toilet is cleaned but flush is not working no shop was in toilet and towel too.

I know that you don’t have time to read about my sweet experience with Stayzilla and SAGARIKA HOTEL owners. You got your business as per your requirement but who will be responsible for my great trouble including my family and 6 years child who was ill.

Thanking you

Tapan Kumar mondal

Share a lovely experience with Digha Sagarika hotels booked by stayzilla
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