Shoe Colour Faded and Changed of Brand New Shoes

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I recently purchased 2 pairs of Woodland shoes in one go for which I paid an amount of Rs.9444/- in the sale. The actual cost of the shoes is Rs.14000/-. The bill copy is attached herewith for your reference. Whilst using shoe shine, the color of the shoes has changed to dark brown. I immediately bought this to the notice of the store manager, Mr .Mahesh today and he tried using woodland shoe shine and one area of the shoes and the same issue reappeared.

There seems to some serious manufacturing defect in the shoes and they should be replaced immediately with brand new defect free shoes. I keep buying woodland products frequently and have always liked this brand. But with the recent experience, I am a bit unhappy and want this to be resolved.

I have already handed over the shoes to the Woodland store ‎at Saki-Naka today and would expect an immediate solution.

Sushant Paradkar

Shoe Colour Faded and Changed of Brand New Shoes
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