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I have been getting products from shop clues for quite some time. Though the products have been inferior to the market – but their price is so attractiveone is tempted.

But lately they have started accepting money through someone called CITRUS PAY – when we ask our bankers to pay, it is to Shop clues – and not a third party. This Citrus pay does not forward the money to Shop clues – and that creates the confusion,

For example my bank shows a debit of Rs 48/- on 17th may 2015.. vide banking tansaction Number : MEDR/ CITRUSPAYS / 548916. Citrus people refuse to acknowledge. They want me to send full bank statement, and email i might have received from them

For One I have never paid the money to Citrus – I transfered it to Shop clues – how it went to Citrus account is a mystery.

They want a Bank statement – who in right mind would give it to an agency with whom we have no dealing. I would not give my banking statement to no one except my CA or IT department. Or Citrus thinks itself to be bigger and above law – it can ask for any documents it chooses to.

A proper enquiry should be held by the RBI to enquire about the legality and status of Citrus pay – whether it is allowed to deal in money matters or not.

Most important of all I am interested in getting back my rs 48/-

Shop Clues / Citrus Pay
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