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I had tried to purchase a set of Buddhas yesterday the 3rd June 2015 at about 6.30 PM.

For one the shop clues would not accept my debit card… it kept rejecting it.

Then it asked me to pay by alternate method. i chose to pay Rs 72 (Plus balance by Shop Clue Points).

The amount of Rs 72/- was immediately debited to my bank account vide debit No
StWBP / 23917255 / ShopClues

There is one at shop clues to hear what has happened and no place where you can leave your complaint.

This has happened to me earlier also – despite several complaiunts, Shop Clues has refused to refund my earlier Rs 42/- transfered in a similar way.

This is straight away abuse of consumer protection act and collecting money by fraudulent means. Since the amount is too small, I am reluctant to take legal course and would like you to help my following amounts :

Bank Transfer No : Date & Time Amount

MEDR/CITRUSPAYS/548916 17th May 2015 (1.30 PM) Rs 48/-

StWBP / 23917255 / ShopClues 03rd June, 2015 (6..00 PM) Rs 72/-

TOTAL Rs 120/-
(Rupees One hundred and Twenty)

The amount is not big – but being taken by a ride, for the site to think the customers are fools and ninmpoops – THEY ARE NOT ! is what has to be proved to Shop Clues and others of the ilk like e-bay, who have no scruplous.

I hope you will help me recover my legitimate funds

HMK Verma

Shop Clues
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